• Shri.Varadachari Srinivasan

    Society for Service to Voluntary Agencies (SOSVA)

    Sosva Training and Promotion Institute (STAPI)


              Mr. V. Srinivasan passed away on 25th October 2006 at an age of 77. As a distinguished member of the Indian Administrative service, Mr. Srinivasan left an indelible mark in areas of public service and institutions, which he served. His innovative ideas in pushing industrialization of backward areas of Maharashtra through the agency of SICOM proved to be the fore runner of similar institutions all over India.

              His work in the World Bank was equally praise-worthy. As Public Health Secretary of the Govt. of Maharashtra in the closing years of his service, Mr. Srinivasan galvanized the department for the benefit of the people. During this period he saw the pressing need for securing voluntary agencies support to Government’s efforts to secure for its citizens a modicum of public health delivery system. By securing the willing support of like-minded persons in the NGO sector Mr. Srinivasan laid the foundation for establishment of the Society for Service to Voluntary Agencies (SOSVA).

              He was SOSVA’s Chief Executive from 1990 onwards till his end with amazing clarity, spirit of public service and innovative ideas. He vigorously pursued several innovative projects such as Mother NGO concept for project identification and their implementation by NGOs, enrollment and placement of volunteers through an agency called VOLACT, securing free supplies of medical equipments and supplies through the agency of MEDISEND, NGO training through SOSVA Training Centre, SOSVA’s future plans under his dynamic leadership includes innovation center for voluntary sector, a Bridge loan fund for NGOs, An evaluation and monitoring agency for voluntary organizations. He was generous to a fault in securing well being for the persons around him in SOSVA and later in SOSVA and STAPI. All of us in these institutionsmiss Mr. Srinivasan’s wise counsel and lively presence.

              He will be long remembered for his devotion and innovative ideas for service to the voluntary sector.Throughout his career, he has never given an interview, nor persuaded himself to be photographed, nor allowed his name to be mentioned as the initiator of any scheme or project.

  • Dr. Mrs. Banoo J Coyaji

    7th September 1917 - 15th July 2004

    Padmabhushan 1989, Ramon Magsaysay Award1993

              One of the foremost Gynecologists in Poona. Dr. BanooCoyaji, was a versatile personality who left a mark in several field; in journalism, in social service as a noted Gynecologist as a medical administrator and a visinory in the areas of public health and family welfare, notably, women’s and child health. As founder of SOSVA, and its President for many years she did pioneering work in nursing the nascent organization both in giving it a direction and raising resources from national and international agencies. They in turn, sought her guidance in articulating policies and programmes in improving standards of public health and care of mother and child, not only in India.

              As a recognisation for her service, several awards were bestowed upon her; Raman Magsaysay Award, Padmabhushan, Punyabhushan Award to mention a few.

           As SOSVA’s successor in the areas of NGO promotion, training and project implementation wherein Dr. Coyaji’s contribution was legendary, STAPI pays its respective homage to the memory of late Dr. BanooCoyaji and prays almighty that her soul may rest in peace.

  • Dr. Rajinikant Shankar Arole

    Founder Member and Former President

    Society for Service to Voluntary Agencies (SOSVA) and

    Sosva Training and Promotion Institute (STAPI)


              The name of Dr. R. S. Arole became synonymous with community public health with the setting up of the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP) at Jamkhed which has been serving the rural poor and marginalized population of Ahmednagar District in Maharashtra. It has been a torch bearer for similar initiatives in many parts of the country and several countries and around the world and the contribution it has made to the evolution of the rural health policy of India has been legendary.

          Dr. R. S. Arole, and the late Dr. Mabelle Arole, his partner for many decades shared many awards including the Padma Bhushan and Ramon Magsaysay awards for their sterling services to their chosen causes. Dr. R. S. Arole was SOSVA’s and STAPI’s President since 2000 onwards till his end and he steered these organizations with exemplary dedication and commitment.All of us in these institutions miss Dr. R. S. Arole’s wise counsel and benign presence which inspires all of us to give our best to these organizations.

  • Dr. Jal M. Mehta

    31st October 1927 – 13 October 2001

              Dr. JalMinochar Mehta, one of the founding members of STAPI, will be remembered not only as a distinguished leprosy surgeon, but also as a social worker who did outstanding humanitarian work in the rehabilitation of the leprosy patients. His “Mehta Cooperative Rehabilitation Model” will remain a living monument for years to come. STAPI had aspired to receive guidance and advice from this great social worker and able administrator.

              STAPI is unfortunate that destiny took him away so soon after its coming into existence. All members of the Governing Council share the grief of the members of Dr. Mehta’s family and convey their heart felt condolences to them and pray Almighty that his soul may rest in peace.

  • Dr. Indumati Parikh

    08th March 1918 – 17th June 2004

              Dr. IndumatiParikh was a leading personality in the Radical Humanist Movement and, in that capacity, made her contribution to the social, political and economic thought process in India. As a founder of “Stree-Hitkarni”, a leading NGO of Mumbai working for welfare of downtrodden women, she ceaselessly worked with a missing zeal in her chosen field.

            She was also a founder President of Centre for the study of Social Change, Mumbai. She was also a founder member of SOSVA and later its President, during 1998-2001. As STAPI member from its inception, she guided its activities and gave us support our endeavor to put STAPI sound looking. In her passing away the country has lost a great pioneer working for women’s development. We pray almighty that her soul may rest in peace.